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I get asked a lot of times about my hair: “What is your hair colour, how do you make your hair look shiny and healthy, how do you grow your hair? ” and so on.

I moved to Dubai 6 months back in March 2015, before that I was living in Belgium. The major difference between both countries is of course the climate. In Belgium, the weather is very unpredictable but rarely very hot. When I moved to Dubai, the weather was just about to get the hottest of all year round. Temperatures during summer are around 45-50 degrees sometimes and humidity is crazyyyy, about 60-70 %. Of course this lasts only for about  3-4 months  during summer, after that the weather is amazing all year round but for me it was a huge change. My skin changed, my hair changed.

In Belgium I used to wash my hair maximum twice a week as I felt like my hair didn’t get dirty or oily at all. Here in Dubai I have to wash my hair very often as I go more often to the pool, beach and sweat more. One major difference in my hair since I came to Dubai has been how fast my hair is growing. I cut my hair very short before coming to Dubai and now it is already the longest it has ever been. Apparently this is something a lot of people notice in hot countries. Hair, nails grow faster.

Because of the sun, heat and sea I feel like here my hair needs extra attention.

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To wash my hair I use at the moment the L’oreal shampoo, Lumino. It is great for coloured hair as it helps to keep the colour lasting longer and gives a little extra shine to your hair. I like to change my shampoo from time to time as my hair can get used to a certain treatment. Always keep two or three options of shampoo.  I never wash my hair everyday. Every two to three days it is enough.  Once a week I put a mask: The macadamia one is great.

Once my hair is washed, I like to put an oil like the L’oreal mythic one and comb my hair with a large comb. The oil will protect your hair from the heat and will keep it shinyyy. Once my hair is dry, I like to either straighten it or curl it for some beachy curly effect. Because I have very thick and straight hair, it tends to not keep the curls very long. A sea-salt spray is the solution for that. It will texturise your hair and give you that amazing effect of when you get out the sea. This surfSpray could be an option but there are others out there that work very well as well.

Who does’ t like to have good smelling hair? I loove spraying some hair-perfume from channel: channel chance, Eau tendre: it is fresh and sweet at the same time and boysss go crazy after nice smelling hair 😉

When you are done, your hair should look like a star <3

Regarding my hair colour I will be talking about that in another post. Until then, enjoy your glamorous hair lovies.




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