What’s in my travel bag and travel tips

What is in my travel bag?


What’s in my travel bag?

I will be traveling very soon for two weeks in Europe. On one hand I am very very very much excited but on the other I am quite stressed as I need to travel light and I tend to over-pack most of the time. I will be  taking several planes and several trains so I want to be able to travel with a medium size luggage and a hand bag. That would be ideal and perfect, less stressful and less risky …. While I was thinking of how to optimize my travel bag I thought: why not share this with you guys. It might helpful as well for you if you love traveling or you have a trip planned anytime soon. These are a few tips and tricks on how to organize your hand bag on a trip,

The first thing that I always plan for a trip is what I will put in my traveling hand bag. It is quite important as you will be spending many hours on a plane  or car or train and you need this bag to have everything that you need without being too heavy and difficult to carry. The choice of your bag is, in this case,  is the most important part. I like carrying a bag that you can close entirely. Although it is stylish and pretty cool to have a big bag, I wouldn’t recommend you carry an open bag.  Not every place is safe and your attention will not always be on your bag. Play it on the safe side by carrying a closed bag. The other important thing is to have a bag that has a long and short handle. This way you have the option to carry it on your shoulder or mid arm. You will never get tired of holding a hand bag this way. If you don’t know what I am taking about, take a look at this one on ASOS here.

Let’s get to the important part now: how to organize your hand bag?


(picture from pinterest)


    1. First of all your MUST HAVE ITEM, ( I am not teaching anything new here, but just in case you forgot ), YOUR PASSPORT. Obviously you won’t be able to travel anywhere without a passport so make sure to have it in your handbag and make sure that it is easily accessible as you will be needing it a few times during your travel. I suggest you cover your passport with a nice leather passport case so it is protected from any accidents in your bag.  Here are a few ideas:
      Passport cover selection



    2.  Another essential is your wallet.
Wallet selection


3.     A key ring could be useful in your hand bag when you are traveling. Easier to search in a girls bag for a key ring then for her keys.


Keyrings selection

Kate Spade fob key chain
155 AED – neimanmarcus.com

B Brian Atwood accessory
175 AED – lordandtaylor.com

RAJ fob key chain
73 AED – nordstromrack.com

Pom pom key ring
35 AED – sportsgirl.com.au


    1. Computer – Laptop. I like having it on the plane in case I want to get some work done or watch a movie that is not on the playlist of the plane
    2. Camera– I have the Lumix gm1 which is the smallest interchangeable lens camera in the world. It is great for traveling when you still want to take good pictures. Obviously don’t forget your charger for the camera or a second battery in case you are only traveling for a few days. I need my camera all the time, even on a plane.
    3. Obviously my Iphone with a cool Iphone case, because hey, you are on holidays :-). Don’t forget your Iphone charger and an external charger that will be very very needy when you are walking all day long without the possibility of charging your phone somewhere
Iphone charger
            4. Headphones


                         1. I always take with me a Notepad on my handbag. Whenever I think of something, an idea, something I want to do, a list of things that I should remember etc, I like writing down on a notepad.


Who travels without some healthy or non healthy snacks in the bag? And some chewing um of course. Always put some things in your bag in case you don’t like the food that is served on the plane or if you have to wait to long at the airport. A cup of tea or coffee is a must for me.

Beauty-Makeup bag

The important thing for this is : Keep it simple. You don’t need a lot of makeup on a plane. I like to have a nude lipstick and an eye liner so I can put them before we land and that is it in terms of makeup. Ok maybe a concealer can be useful as well. Plane can make your skin quite dry so always take some hand cream and face cream to stay fresh and moisturized during the flight. Hand sanitizer and some wet tissues are also a must while traveling.

Makeup bag for traveling




I hope this article was useful and that you found some nice ideas of what to carry on your handbag while traveling. Stay tuned for a future article on what to wear at the airport and how to organize your luggage.



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